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2 Y/O Sale 2021


Lot 30 Blackberry Malt
by Ideal World – Irish Martini

Lot 36 War Medal
by Ideal World – Jet Trip

Lot 99 Thunderstone
by Soft Falling Rain – Navasha

Lot 195 Temperate Zone
by Ideal World – Temperate Lady

Lot 203 Smith And Wesson
by The United States – To Go

Lot 219 Black Egret
by Rafeef – Water Bird

Lot 252 Mover And Shaker
by Rafeef – B Twenty One

Lot 253 Lord Brooktree
by Rafeef – Badger Creek

Lot 276 Tyrconnell
by The United States – Carraig Aonair

Lot 294 Logan Lake
by Master Of My Fate – Daphne Garland


Lot 84 Mrs Browning
by Rafeef – Miss Galidora

Lot 91 Aunt Liberty
by The United States – Mrs Brock

Lot 104 Matopo Hill
by Ideal World – Nyangan

Lot 144 Raining Rubies
by Soft Falling Rain – Ruby Necklace

Lot 157 Sundog
by Ideal World – Setting Sun

Lot 192 Colour Me Quick
by Master Of My Fate – Tally Blue

Lot 216 Sugarberry
by Ideal World – Vera

Lot 250 Ipso Facto
by Rafeef – Awaited

Lot 291 Maggie Smith
by What A Winter – Dame Eleanor