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National Sales 2020


Lot 13 San Quintin
by Dynasty – All Afire

Lot 85 Vanderbilt
by What A Winter-Cherry On The Cake

Lot 113 Desert Express
by What A Winter-Diamond Coast

Lot 159 Flying Esteban
by Dynasty – Franny

Lot 210 Canada Square
by Querar – Isle Of Dogs

Lot 248 Kotinos
by Var-Laurel Cherry

Lot 282 Aragosta
by Rafeef-Miss Galidora

Lot 349 Castletown
by Silvano-Queen’s Bay

Lot 435 Monsoon Kenny
by Ideal World-Temperate Lady

Lot 445 Thousand Ships
by Silvano-Topless Towers

Lot 453 Motown Magic
by Uncle Mo-Ubiquitous Mantle

Lot 456 Smorgasbord
by Twice Over-Variety

Lot 477 National Dream
by Rafeef-Zemfira

National Sales 2020


Lot 8 Maboneng
by What A Winter-Ajiaal

Lot 18 Sweet The Sound
by Rafeef-Amazing Grace

Lot 32 Angelsea
by Var-Badger Creek

Lot 89 Warm Welcome
by Gimmethegreenlight-Close The Gap

Lot 100 Crown Plaza
by Gimmethegreenlight-Crown Office

Lot 130 Vitosha
by Flower Alley-Epic Style

Lot 132 Damon
by Twice Over-Erin

Lot 168 Costa Smeralda
by Flower Alley-Gay Fortuna

Lot 273 Definitely Maybe
by Silvano-Maybe Yes

Lot 311 Sardinia
by Dynasty-Nyangan

Lot 347 Nasiriyah
by Silvano-Queen Of Persia

Lot 388 Sundrop
by Gimmethegreenlight-Setting Sun

Lot 407 Crepe Myrtle
by Querari-Southern Pine

Lot 432 Hydrangea
by Gimmethegreenlight-Tally Blue

Lot 471 Lollapalooza
by Soft Falling Rain-Withbatedbreath